Destinations of your contributions

We regularly send contributions to several trusted non-profit-organizations like following. These are actually our contribution went to in the past. Also we support some project for purchasing charity goods.

Nous envoyons régulièrement des contributions à plusieurs a but non lucratif-organismes dignes de confiance comme suit. Ce sont en fait notre contribution est alle dans le passe. Aussi, nous soutenons certains projets pour l'achat de biens de charite.

    1.Poka Poka project of FoE Japan (International Environmental NGO Friends of the Earth Japan) (English)

    2. Matsumoto Fund Project For Fukushima Kids

    3. National Parents Network to Protect Children from Radiation

    4. Okinawa, Kumi-no-Sato, Fukushima Children’s Fund (English)

    5. Recuperation Center, Hettsui-no-Ie of Fukshima Support Network Sado (Japanese)

    6. Kesen Suginoko Fund (English) (Français)

    7. Connect! Network of evacuation mom at Tokyo (Japanese)

    8. Community Radiation Measuring Center for Everyone (Japanese)

    9. Support by purchasing charity goods/Soutien par l'achat de biens de charite:
    Mamorou Canbadge Sakusen : (Japanese)
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